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LeTip is a professional organization dedicated to the highest standards of competence and service. Members work together to help improve sales potential – whether you are a small business, sales representative, or large company.

Welcome to LeTip of Ambler

In this world of marketing channels beyond count, real relationships and word-of-mouth are still the best way to spread your company’s message. Networking within the context of a strong relationship networking group should be part of your strategy to meet new leads. You’re going to need real structure within a community of business people like yourself, who introduce each other to their next client.

We can help you. LeTip of Ambler is a Premier Professional Leads Organization. We’re one of the oldest chapters in the LeTip family, and has been meeting for over 15 years with the goal of putting dollars in our members’ pockets. We invite you to attend a meeting to learn about how LeTip can work for you. Breakfast is on us!

Multiply your sales force

Exchange valuable business tips that turn into dollars.

Get qualified leads

Members work to provide you with qualified business leads.

Grow your income

Members provide access to clients you would not otherwise be able to contact.

Visit Our Current Virtual Meeting

Due to Covid-19 we are meeting at 8am via a Zoom Video Conference every Thursday Morning. Please email us at [email protected] if you would like to join us.

We meet every Thursday morning from 7:16 to 8: 30 at Michael’s Family Restaurant, located at 501 Easton Rd, Glenside, PA 19038.

Come to our free breakfast to experience first-hand how LeTip has benefited many other professionals. Bring your business cards and your friendly attitude.

What Some Of Our Members Are Saying

“The value of this tip is approximately $350,000.”

“Within 3 months of joining LeTip of Ambler I’ve already received a return far greater than any dollar amount you could put on the ‘Tip’.  The referral came in a slightly unorthodox way. I had a business need to fulfill and asked our president if he was able to make an introduction to a colleague he had been working with for years. After a few exchanges via text I was on the phone with the owner of the business who set up a call the following morning and I was able to complete an agreement with them in less than 2 weeks. We are in our first full month of production and things are running smoother than ever.”

Lou Schiller

Cellular Phone Sales, Firefly Wireless

“Professional networking with LeTip has been a big part of my client growth and retention for over 15 years.  My network peers are a tremendous asset in serving my clients’ needs… and a huge source of referrals to my business.”

Eric Raffle

Mortgage Broker, Global Mortgage Network

“I have been a member of LeTip of Ambler for over 15 years. It has provided me with a network of professionals to help my clients with their needs as well as provided me with opportunities that has resulted in new business for me. Lastly the camaraderie makes our meetings thoroughly enjoyable.”

David S. Waters

President, Professional Planning Associates

A Win, Win, Win Situation

I referred one of my commercial mortgage brokers who opened a new office in New York City, to a member who is banker.  A customer of the mortgage broker opened an account with his bank with an initial deposit of one million dollars.  This was done for the purpose of establishing a business relationship with the bank and the banker in anticipation of borrowing money to further one of his investment projects.  Another example of how LeTip created a Win, Win, Win situation.
Janice Hoffman

Title Insurance, Brennan Abstract, LLC

“Joining LeTip of Ambler is not only a way to get great tips that will put dollars in your pocket, but it also is a fun group where I have met and worked side by side with some amazing professionals and made some lasting friendships as well.”

Patricia Crane

Realtor®, Keller Williams Real Estate Company

“Over the last 10 years I am happy to say it was a great business decision to put my marketing money into a membership at LeTip of Ambler. I have built a number of great friendships with members, and I get tips from the other members for potential business that is waiting for me to call on.”

Robert Fattizzi

Financial Advisor, Ameriwealth Retirement Services

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We’re very happy to answer your questions. Feel free to use the form below to ask us anything related to our networking group. Or call our membership coordinator Steve Mooney at 215-880-5358.


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